Caramel Marshmallow (4)


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— $6.99 refill range —

The first time we have included our Fantasy selection in the refill section – and it’s due to popular demand. Our homemade fluffy marshmallow is combined with our rich gooey caramel (also made from scratch) and presented in pink decorated milk chocolate shells. Om nom nom.  Image is slightly different from actual product but is exactly what was supplied in our Kiwi Favourites edition of My Chocolate Box.

Shelf Life: 4 months.  Gluten Free. Contains dairy. Contains gelatin (not suitable for vegetarians)  Note: 4 pieces per bag.

— Our $6.99 Refill range is bagged in plain white confectionery bags – ideal when you are treating yourself or your family. By eliminating expensive packaging, you get to enjoy more chocolate at a cheaper price! —