We can all feel something isn’t right with the environment. But it is easy to feel helpless – what can one person do? Well, we think one person can do a lot. And so can one company. Not on its own – everyone needs to do a little bit toward a sustainable Earth. And when everyone does a ‘little bit’, it adds up to a lot. Here is a little bit about our ‘little bit’.


Nuts:  Yes, we use nuts in our kitchen, including peanuts. This means any product that has no nuts in the ingredient list may still have nuts present, including treenuts & peanuts.

Dairy: Yes, we use dairy – not in every product but it is a key ingredient. We are proud to say we use New Zealand dairy products. This means any product that has no dairy in the ingredient list may still have dairy present.

Preservatives: We do not use any artificial preservatives.

Gluten : Our kitchen is entirely gluten free – we do not use any gluten in our kitchen or in our chocolate creations. Be aware we do source ingredients from companies that may also deal with gluten based ingredients.

Colour: We sometimes use colour to create our works of art. The colour we use is AZO free wherever possible, and always 100% natural.

Alcohol: We sometimes use alcohol in our products for flavour. This will always be noted when it is used. & we usually have a non-alcohol option availlable.

STORAGE: Chocolate should be stored in a cool location between 18 – 22C. Do not refrigerate unless necessary. Keep out of direct sunlight. Product may melt if exposed to temperatures above 25C.


All our chocolate is fairly & ethically sourced. The ethical and fair trade of cocoa is a cause dear to our hearts. While there is a lot of corruption in the main cocoa markets, we partner with the top brands in the world to help combat this corruption and ensure the chocolate you enjoy has not been made from exploited labour, especially children. If you want to know more, pop over here and check out the section on corporate responsibility, and see some of the programs that are running to help eradicate poverty in the cocoa industry.


We believe in environmentally sustainable packaging. We only use recyclable and fully bio-degradable cardboard in our catering packs, along with acid free tissue paper.

One of the unique things about us is that a large number of our products come in plain white hamper boxes with natural untreated wood wool & acid free tissue paper. The hamper box often is also the shipper box, reducing the amount of packaging required to fulfil an order and reducing the cost for you.

While our gift boxes contain plastic inserts, we ensure these are fully recyclable & strive to use as much sustainable packaging as is practically possible. So while there is some plastic, we are always looking at ways to reduce our usage.

It’s not much in the scheme of things – we are just one small company playing in a very large world, but we believe if everyone makes a little effort here and there, real and meaningful change can happen. If not for us, at least for our children.