Chocolate opens doors that other forms of persuasion cannot!
The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop has a number of tailored corporate solutions to cover every situation.


The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop can provide your function or event with a delicious assortment of the finest New Zealand made chocolates of your choice. There is a huge range to choose from that will delight your guests and event attendees.

There is a huge range of flavours, and these chocolates will become a talking point for a long time in the future. Our catering packs are available in bulk packs, or you can choose to have them individually gift boxed for each attendee.

Client Acquisition & Retention

Chocolate has that magic ability to influence all our senses in a positive way that can leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the recipients. The benefits of giving the best quality chocolate as a gift can never be underestimated as a way increasing brand awareness or showing your brand as generous and giving.

We all know that new customer acquisition is a huge challenge in business today as well as the realisation that looking after existing clients is also of paramount importance. Attracting and keeping your client’s attention is made easier with delicious chocolate treats.

People may forget exactly what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


We understand the effort that goes into building and maintaining a brand and that brand awareness is an ongoing process. In most branding exercises the idea is to emotionally engage with people by giving them the feeling that they own the brand and are a part of the brand’s success – in other words … brand loyalty.

The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop can put your brand on a variety of mouth-watering chocolate products. We are able to customise solutions and find the most cost effective way of linking gourmet chocolates (and the immense goodwill this generates) to your brand.

Direct Marketing

The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop’s direct marketing program offers you a way to engage your database of clients in a unique and exciting way, with a product that generates significantly better response rates over traditional direct marketing.

Remember – chocolate opens doors that other forms of persuasion cannot!

Talk to us today to discuss your next direct marketing campaign using delicious, New Zealand Made chocolate. We will tailor a solution to ensure your next campaign is an overwhelming success!

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